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Blog Post
50 Years since the irrefutable offer has been made  (The Godfather)
source: The Hollywood Archive

50 Years since the irrefutable offer has been made (The Godfather) 

I love old movies, and I am conscious of the weight that the word love bears. I recently heard that “the movie”, one of the most remarkable, timeless, and significant movies ever made, is coming again to the center of attention. Such an occasion being the release of the new “Paramount +” series „The Offer”, about the filming of “The Godfather”. 

The series will premiere on April 28th, a trailer has been released announcing the restored version of this legendary movie, in honor of its 50-year anniversary. Since February 25th, the movie has been released in a number of cinemas in the US and around the world, and on March 22nd, you’re able  to rewatch “The Godfather ” in 4K Ultra HD version on streaming platforms for the very first time. 


The series will display the story of Francis Ford Coppola’s famous achievement from the perspective of the producer Albert Ruddy, who is going to be portrayed by Miles Teller, the teen drummer from Whiplash – which is also a must see if you still haven’t watched it. By the way, Armie Hammer was the first actor appointed for that role, before all his accusations of cannibalism, while Coppola wi;; be played by actor Dan Fogler. 

So yeah, exciting news for all generations – including mine – that grew up watching and liking movies. I first wrote Mafia movies, but I later realized that “The Godfather” is so much more than that – perhaps the most talked about, studied, dissected, imitated and quoted movie of all time.

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