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Blog Post
6 Reasons You Must Visit Balboa Park When in San Diego

6 Reasons You Must Visit Balboa Park When in San Diego 

San Diego is full of stunning sites and must-visit places, leaving visitors confused about planning their itineraries. No matter where you decide to go or what places you choose to skip, a trip to Balboa Park is a must when visiting San Diego! Here are some reasons to visit Balboa Park during your trip.

1. View from the California Tower

You haven’t seen the true beauty of San Diego until you’ve viewed it from a height of over 200 feet up!

The California Tower is a truly iconic building that offers you the perfect view of the San Diego skyline. In just 125 steps up, you get unparalleled 360* views of Balboa Park and the rest of the city.

2. Travel Around the World at the House of Pacific Relations

Have you always wanted to go on a world tour? Well, we can’t offer you that within San Diego, but the House of Pacific Relations is as close as it gets!

The House offers you a window to experience 34 different cultures and countries in one place. There are regular weekend performances to enjoy, along with authentic food, arts, and costumes for an amazing time.

3. Stunning Plants at the Botanical Building

The Botanical Building is one of San Diego’s most photographed attractions, and rightfully so! Built back in 1915, the Botanical Building has a gorgeous lily pond adjacent to it. The building itself is absolutely gorgeous, and its residents will leave you stuck in awe!

Home to more than 2000 permanent plants, the Botanical Building is the most vibrant and sweet-scented place you can visit!

4. Hiking at the Palm Canyon Trail

But wait, there’s more! If you’re looking for an adventure or feeling rather sporty, there is an amazing hiking trail at the Palm Canyon!

The immense beauty and prehistoric jungle vibe of the Palm Canyon Trail will make you feel like you’ve left the city and entered another world. The 2-acre area has hundreds of age-old palm trees of different species, plenty of wildlife, and the ever-present sound of birds chirping is a true delight for the young ones and adults alike!

5. Stroll through the Japanese Friendship Garden

Also called the San-Kei-En, the Japanese Friendship Garden is spread out over 12-acres of land. This beautiful landscape was created to represent the friendship between San Diego and its sister city of Yokohama.

The garden has been designed using traditional Japanese gardening techniques, making it a truly unique area to stroll through. The cherry blossom trees, koi ponds, and waterfalls will leave you breathless and feeling truly refreshed.

6. Interact With Exhibits at the Air and Space Museum

This one is for all the NASA enthusiasts who love everything about space travel and exploration. The Air & Space Museum is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution and has tons of original aircraft and space shuttles. It is one of the biggest aviation museums in the country and has enough gems for you to end up spending an entire day exploring, learning, and discovering.

The best part about the museum is the flight simulators and hands-on interactive displays for the kids. If your little ones are aviation buffs, they won’t ever want to leave!



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