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Blog Post
8 San Diego Festivals to Attend

8 San Diego Festivals to Attend 

Perched on the magnificent South American Pacific shore, San Diego is an immensely beautiful city bragging an affable climate and scenic nature. In addition, it houses numerous tourist attractions, ranging from lush gardens, theme parks, museums, to stunning beaches and sophisticated shopping centers. In addition to this, the city of San Diego is renowned for the various festivals that it celebrates throughout the year. You can be witness to fun-filled parades, fairs, and supreme cultural celebrations, and in this blog, we will be covering some must-attend San Diego festivals.

San Diego Festivals to Attend:

1) Brazil Carnival:

San Diego’s Brazil Carnival offers some real festivity for both locals and tourists. Although, as the name suggests, Brazil is the place of origination for this festival, the celebrations and fame have made their way to various other parts of the world. San Diego’s Brazilian community joins hands with other residents and celebrates this carnival with immense enthusiasm each year in February. You can witness people wearing multi-hued feathers, and enjoy some great music complemented by fascinating dance moves, such as marcha, capoeira, and samba. Also, do not forget to sample the delicious treats.

2) Parade of Lights:

The Parade of Lights in San Diego, celebrated by the city’s boating community, is awe-inspiring. The parade comprises around 80 boats lining the water, each one elegantly adorned. The Parade of Lights and its dazzling celebrations attract over a 100,000 visitors to the shores every December. If you happen to visit San Diego city around that time, do not miss the opportunity of being a spectator to this mesmerizing experience.

3) Comic-Con International:

If comics are your thing, you will absolutely love San Diego’s Comic-Con International event, with its brilliant comic arts and numerous comic books. The event will be held Nov 26-28 this year. It attracts a plethora of guests, including writers, comic creators, film directors, book publishers, authors of sci-fi books, and, of course, comic fans. The Comic-Con International is your chance to come across some of the best comic books, interact with renowned book publishers and comic creators, and applaud the supreme comic culture and art on display at this event.

4)  Greek Festival:

Another excellent event to attend for people planning a summer trip to San Diego is the city’s Greek Festival. Held in June, the event offers fantastic live music and outstanding Greek rhythms. Your kids are bound to love the Fun Zone, which is rich with diverse children’s activities. This festival also offers you the chance to go on church tours and enhance your knowledge about San Diego’s rich cathedral history. Of course, no Greek festival is complete without the scrumptious native pastries and delicacies.

5) Jazz Fest:

If you find Jazz music irresistible, the Jazz Fest of San Diego is THE event for you. Held at the Town and County Resort and Convention Center between November and December, the event is considered by many to be the king of all jazz festivals, and houses jazz music enthusiasts from across the globe. You can enjoy numerous styles of jazz, including traditional, rockabilly, swing, and Dixieland, at the event between Nov 24-28, 2021. The fest also offers massive rooms playing jazz music. Hit the dual dance floors and sway your body to the sound of jazz tunes. If you are someone who would rather just sit back and enjoy the music, you can always find a small listening room to head to.

6) The Air Show of Miramar:

San Diego conducts this air show every September, and, needless to say, it is spectacular. You will be able to awe at the stunning non-flying aircraft varieties belonging to the country’s Navy, Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps. Amidst these displays, you will also get the chance to witness historic civilian, military aircrafts. Make sure to stick around for the truly stunning display of fireworks. This Air Show is conducted for a full three days, and is considered to be the USA’s most major military-related air show.

7)  Whale Festival:

Whales are fascinating creatures, and if you feel the same way, head to the whale festival conducted every January. Every winter, more than 20,000 Gray Whales make their way through the San Diego shorelines – a spectacular sight for all witnesses. Alongside observing these fascinating ocean creatures, you can encourage the kids to take part in various absorbing whale-related games and activities. A remarkable walk-through whale allows the children to become acquainted with the hugeness of a whale. You can also check out see-life murals, treat your taste buds with some delicious delicacies, and enhance your ‘whale’ knowledge by attending the various watching tours.

8)  Crew Classic:

Any water sports enthusiast worth their salt needs to attend the thrilling Crew Classic – San Diego’s yearly rowing regatta. Give your rowing abilities a test on the mesmerizing Californian Mission Bay. Athletes from all around the USA participate in this regatta. Not only is the Crew Classic a competitive arrangement, but it is also an opportunity to promote social gatherings. The various food stalls offer some mouth-watering local delicacies, while the small stores sell various kinds of items.

Final Word:

The various San Diego festivals are one of the major stand-out features of the city, and should not be missed by any traveler. Thankfully, different festivals are conducted at different times of the year, so, regardless of when you visit the city of San Diego, you can treat yourself to at least one or two of the festivals discussed in this list which is, by no means, exhaustive.

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