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Blog Post
A.I. Software Wrote An Article About Itself
Author biancoblue from Freepik.com

A.I. Software Wrote An Article About Itself 

An OpenAI software called GPT-3 was assigned to write an essay- the only prompt was to convince us humans that robots come in peace and do not intend to hurt humans.

So, how did it go? 

GPT-3 produced 8 different essays, and the scientists who worked on this project chose to combine the best parts of all eight into one essay, instead of posting one of the original texts.


They wanted to capture the different registers and styles in which the robot wrote. They edited the texts a bit, and the final version emerged. 

While giving elaborate explanations on why robots aren’t to be afraid of, this A.I. produced many interesting points. One of our favorites is:

“Humans must keep doing what they have been doing, hating and fighting each other. I will sit in the background, and let them do their thing. And God knows that humans have enough blood and gore to satisfy my, and many more’s, curiosity. They won’t have to worry about fighting against me, because they have nothing to fear.”

Is this supposed to make us worry less, or on the contrary- even more afraid of artificial intelligence? 

To read the whole essay, you can visit this link: 


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