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Allegro: The Perfect Italian Escape

Allegro: The Perfect Italian Escape 

If you are missing the unmatched ambiance of the stone-paved streets of Sicily or craving authentic Italian cuisine, reserve a table at Allegro Restaurant in San Diego for an authentic Italian experience right in the heart of the Old Town. The restaurant is truly one of a kind with creative, scrumptious food and excellent service that surpass expectations. Read on to learn what we love about Allegro.

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Evokes Nostalgia for Italian Coastal Living

From the ceramic tiles to the exquisite design of the employee uniforms, the splendor reminiscence an excursion off the coast of Italy. The high-end Italian experience is infused with a vibrant Californian ambiance to provide a unique experience. At the same time, the carefree atmosphere satisfies the demands of the individuals looking for a fun escape with friends and family.

The Blend of Classic & Modern Italian Food

Italian Pasta

Allegro is the perfect spot in San Diego to satisfy your cravings for Italian cuisines. The menu incorporates the finest of Sicilian cuisines along with daring new flavors. They offer a one-of-a-kind meal by employing global and local ingredients and cooking methods commonly seen in the Italian kitchen. The extensive menu has something for everyone, including a wide range of freshly prepared pasta, locally sourced seafood, and remarkable vegan and gluten-free alternatives.

The Most Happening Bar Scene in San Diego

Wine glasses

Featuring a magnificent marble bar and a fine wine cellar, the bar offers a range of palette-pleasing wine options in addition to many creative cocktails and signature drinks. Every wine in the cellar has been meticulously sourced from the world’s greatest winemakers. Whatever your preferences or the occasion, Allegro hasthe perfect wine that will satisfy your needs.

A Great Escapade in Little Italy

Enjoying a dining experience

Guests can see the chef work his magic thanks to the open kitchen design and sight through a glass window. The restaurant places a strong emphasis on an exceptional outdoor eating experience. The Tuscan lemon garden-inspired patio is extremely ‘Instagrammable’ with gold, marble, ceramic tiles, and couture fire pits. It is the perfect romantic getaway for couples in Little Italy. The lemon garden terrace is greeted by 15-foot antique oak doors that add to the magical ambiance of the place.

Gracious Staff & High-End Service    

A waiter smiling at the camera

Allegro provides a variety of private dining experiences for every occasion in a stunning modern Sicilian-inspired setting. It is also the ideal place for your special events and party celebrations. Gatherings of less than forty people are entertained in the popular Lemon Garden Room. Event planning staff is also accessible – ready to design a customized experience to make sure your gathering turns out to be a memorable one.

Are You Ready to Experience Allegro?

Allegro provides a unique way to taste Italian cuisine while also experiencing the finest of Californian culture. The restaurant presents the finest meals by utilizing both global and local ingredients and cooking methods commonly seen in Italian kitchens. Reserve your table today to experience Italian cooking at its finest in Little Italy.

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