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Blog Post
Bandar – Persian Prime Restaurant

Bandar – Persian Prime Restaurant 

San Diego has a variety of cuisines for a complete gastronomical experience. If you’re looking for Persian cuisine in San Diego, look no further than Bandar.

Bandar is recognized for its use of nutritious ingredients and robust, complex tastes, bringing saffron, limes, as well as other Persian flavors to the spotlight, accentuating the taste and aroma that comes with such a wholesome and unique cuisine.

Bandar’s Origins  

Behrooz Farahani, the founder of Bandar, has a degree in architecture and formerly had his own architectural business. In 1986, he chose to relocate his family to San Diego in order to give them a brighter future. The ancient building in the Gaslamp Quarter was acquired by Behrooz and his wife, Shokooh.

Bandar quickly rose to prominence, becoming an instant sensation. This husband-and-wife duo took Persian cuisine to new heights by employing original marinades in trademark dishes that included chicken, beef, lamb, and fish. Farahani emphasizes personally selecting each piece of meat prepared in his restaurants, selecting only the highest quality ingredients.

Menu Highlights

Persian cuisine in San Diego

With health and high-quality ingredients their first priority, Bandar uses Persian food staples across their menu, including fresh filet mignon beef lamb, basmati rice, chicken, garlic, onion, fish, vegetables, nuts, pomegranates, and herbs. They are best known for using fresh halal meats and gluten-free ingredients.

Their Chicken Salad, Chicken Shish Kabob, and World Famous Chicken are their most popular dishes, followed by the Wild King Salmon and Eggplant Vegetarian Stew. All entrees are served with traditional basmati saffron rice.


If you’re looking for elegant and flavorful Persian cuisine catering for an occasion, Bandar is the best restaurant in San Diego up for the challenge. Their catering menu is as diverse as their lunch and dinner menus, with something for everyone, i.e., meat, seafood, poultry, and vegetarian options.


Private Dining

For a truly memorable and personalized experience, you can request private dining at one of their private rooms, the Olive Room, which can seat up to 55 guests, and the B-Lounge, which can seat anywhere from 60 to 100 guests. For a larger party of up to 160 guests, you can buy out the restaurant.

Persian Cuisine at Its Finest

A meal at Bandar will let you experience authentic Persian cuisine in San Diego, whether you come in for an elegant dinner or take your order to-go. Contact them today to make your reservation!


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