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Blog Post
Best International Cuisines in Town – Hillcrest, San Diego

Best International Cuisines in Town – Hillcrest, San Diego 

Hillcrest in San Diego has become renowned for accepting people of marginalized communities. With a variety of international cuisine restaurants and a thriving LGBTQ+ community, there’s a certain degree of tolerance and love that has made the space comfortable, safe, and exciting. The wide array of cuisines also helps people experience and appreciate other cultures and their foods. Thus, we’ll go over some of the best international cuisines in Hillcrest, San Diego, so that you can treat your palate to new flavors.

1. Taste of the Himalayas

Address: 1260 University Ave, San Diego, CA

This restaurant transports you to the sub-continent with various kinds of Indian and Nepali dishes. With curries of chicken and lamb, rice delights like biryani, different types of seafood dishes, and scrumptious meats straight from the tandoor, there’s so much to try. Some reviews have also praised this restaurant for its authentic flavors. Also, the restaurant also has lunch specials at just $8.95 in Hillcrest for the best value for money.

2. Micho’z Fresh Lebanese Grill

Address: 1459 University Ave, San Diego, CA

Micho’z Fresh Lebanese Grill offers you the chance to experience what it would be like to have Lebanese food at a family dinner table. Since 2005, the restaurant has made an incredible effort to bring authenticity to its dishes by importing spices and other traditional ingredients from across the world. The restaurant’s chicken shawarma, gyros, and lentil soup are worth trying.

3. Lotus Thai Cuisine

Address: 3761 Sixth Ave, San Diego, CA

Lotus Thai Cuisine took great care to replicate the flavors of dishes from specific parts of Thailand: Bangkok, Northern Thailand, and Chiang Mai. Along with the food, the décor, with Buddha statues and indoor waterfalls, helps create unique and memorable experiences. You can’t go wrong by ordering the Pad Thai on your first visit.

While there are several other restaurants in the neighborhood, these three international cuisines in Hillcrest, San Diego, can help introduce you to flavors that are truly delightful. Make your reservations today!


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