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Blog Post
Bloom this spring: Art Alive 2022 a Lion interp by Marcel Halldorson

Bloom this spring: Art Alive 2022 

The San Diego Museum of Art’s signature annual fundraiser, Art Alive 2022, provides critical support for the Museum’s art shows, youth development programs, education, community engagement, and public programs.

Art Alive tickets grant access to over 70 floral interpretations of art pieces from the Museum’s permanent collection, as well as stunning floral patterns, exhibited in the Museum rotunda and all Museum art shows.

This year’s Rotunda Floral Installation is designed by Britton Neubacher. She is a crisis worker turned botanical designer living and working in San Diego. Neubacher illuminates the lively connection between humans and plants, as well as the organic duality pair – order/disorder of our intricate alliances, in order to achieve something more meaningful between us. She is honored to accept Art Alive’s empowering expression of interest to pursue nature’s healing potential during this difficult but fertile period. ‘’Neubacher’s installation is creatively inspired by the optical illusion artist Vasarely, Altarpiece No. 1 by artist-mystic Hilma af Klint, and the “higher ground” permaculture mounds supporting medicinal flowers and herbs.’’ (excerpt from Artist’s Statement Organized Chaos)

Bloom Bash will bring a selection of custom cocktails, craft beer, and divine delicacies from San Diego’s top fine dining eateries. This year, Bloom Bash embraces sustainability concepts and recycling. For the very first time, the prestigious event will not provide or allow the use of single-use plastics. All water and soda served at the event will be served in recyclable cans or glass bottles rather than plastic bottles, and we will continue to avoid using plastic straws.

The Museum returns in full bloom for Art Alive on April 28-May 1, 2022.

Thickets available here

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