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Blog Post
Café Sevilla

Café Sevilla 

Cafe Sevilla is the hub of the true Spanish culture, music, and cuisine in California. Located in downtown San Diego, the café provides an authentic Spanish ambiance in their restaurant and nightclub. It also specializes in Spanish tapas, which are ideal for a fun, interactive, and sharable dining experience. Here are the highlights of this amazing Spanish restaurant in San Diego.

Café Sevilla Menu:
A Food Express through Spain  

There are over 30 award-winning tapas on the menu in addition to fresh seafood, traditional paellas, and flavorful meat dishes. For Spanish food lovers, there’s a special section on the menu named “Journey through Spain.” The five-course meal guarantees an authentic Spanish dining experience. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of refreshing sangrias and wines to go with the traditional and modern meals on the menu. The café also has a special “Late Night Menu” for the night owls.

Event Space:
Ideal for Big Celebration & Small Gathering

Party venue

Whether you are looking for a private family dinner or a vibrant group experience, Café Sevilla will offer the ideal event space and entertainment to meet the vibe of your gathering.

Tapas Bar for Large Gatherings:  The tapas bar is a dynamic and engaging venue that is ideal for both informal and formal gatherings. It is located on the restaurant’s bottom floor and provides direct access to a full bar as well as an intimate view of the tapas prep station. The room also has a performance stage, placing you right in the middle of the action when it comes to exciting Spanish entertainment.

Dining Room for Small Parties: The dining room, located above the tapas bar, has an intimate and elegant ambiance. The room has a view of the tapas bar, so you can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the tapas bar while socializing with friends and family in a European-style environment. This area is available for private or semi-private parties.

Next-Level Live Music & Performance Arrangement  

Live music performance

With live Gypsy Kings-style music and flamenco performances, there’s never a dull moment at Café Sevilla. You can take your dining experience to the next level by visiting the special theatre through the exclusive VIP elevator.

The showroom is an elevated platform where exciting flamenco performances and presentations take place on weekends. The room also has a full private bar with a cocktail/lounge area and can be tailored to your specifications with full audio-visual choices, a flat-screen TV, and seating arrangements.

Sevilla Nightclub:
Experience the Night Life of San Diego 

Dance floor

Sevilla Nightclub is one of the most popular and longest-running nightclubs in downtown San Diego. Over the years, it has become the leading destination for San Diego nightlife and offers a one-of-a-kind environment with the greatest in entertainment, including turn-table DJs and live bands regularly. The nightclub has a cutting-edge sound/lighting system, an exclusive dance floor, luxury lounge spaces, a wrap-around bar, and VIP bottle service. Party like celebrities at Sevilla Nightclub! 

Join the Party Scene at Café Sevilla

Whether you are looking for a venue to hold a celebration or simply want to dine and have a night full of fun and music, Café Sevilla has got you covered. Make a reservation today!


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