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Blog Post
City Heights: Street Food Festival
Photo by Pexels, author: Adrian Dorobantu
Conversation, Food

City Heights: Street Food Festival 

What & Where?

City Heights Street Food Fest will be an evening of live art, music, drinks, community, and street food as diverse as City Heights! Join June 3rd from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM  on Tierra Central – 4090 University Ave to celebrate the City Heights community and its 40th birthday! The Street Food Fest is designed to get people together around tables and food stalls to celebrate another year of community building.

Street Food in San Diego
Photo by Pexels, author: Clem Onojeghuo

What’s it about?

For 40 years, the community worked to enhance the quality of life in City Heights to create and sustain quality affordable housing, and livable neighborhoods, trying to foster economic self-sufficiency. All registration/ticketing proceeds will be used to provide job assistance, food, housing, safer streets, and other support to the City Heights community. 

Street Food Festival San Diego

Street food from many cultures around the world will be available for purchase, and your purchase supports sidewalk vendors as they battle unjust legislation that, until recently, made it virtually impossible to be a legally-recognized business.

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