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Civico – Authentica Cucina Italiana

Civico – Authentica Cucina Italiana 

Civico is a well-known five-star Italian restaurant in San Diego. Whether you’re craving a plate of hand-made pasta or rich cannoli, Civico has a variety of dishes true to Italian cuisine!

Uniquely Italian 

Restaurant in San Diego

Civico is unique in that it is an Italian restaurant that offers comprehensive vegan and gluten-free cuisine. Italian cuisine is built on ingredients such as guanciale, pecorino cheese, and veal, so it is a breath of fresh air to find an Italian restaurant in San Diego that is suitable for vegans. Civico brings in umami richness through its combination of pasta, bruschetta, and ingredients like mushrooms and tomatoes.

A family-run business, Civico is the endeavor of the Gallo brothers, Dario and Pietro, and Flavio Piromallo, a restaurateur in Little Italy. The Gallo family moved to San Diego in 2013 from Cosenza, Italy. Pietro works as Executive Chef, ensuring that every meal is prepared correctly and with the same attention to detail as the rest of the menu.

As they believe in sustainability, they have constructed their restaurant and menu in a way that nothing goes to waste. Fresh, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients are used in their food, while natural and reclaimed materials are used to build their dining area.

Civico 1845

Restaurant in San Diego

The vegan and gluten-free menu at Civico 1845 was inspired by Pietro’s love of Italian food, as well as his enthusiasm for veganism and healthy living. Located on the busiest corner in Little Italy, this brightly lit restaurant allows guests to walk past the public fountain into a congenial, welcoming atmosphere.

The menu includes different kinds of pasta, main dishes, and antipasti, but the Scialatielli Civico with hand-made Calabrian chili pasta, Caledonian prawns, and tomatoes stands out among the other selections. Their collaboration with Michelin-rated chefs Antonio and Luca Abbruzzino ensures that each dish highlights the best of Italian cuisine.

Civico By the Park

Civico By the Park is the result of the Gallo brothers pivoting their high-profile restaurant in Bankers Hill to an extension of Civico 1845 in light of the pandemic. It includes more handcrafted pasta and enhanced meals, as well as some inspired by their grandmother’s Calabrian specialties. Civico’s famed vegan cuisine will also be available, with additional additions such as vegan charcuterie.

Along with the Calabrian-style pizza available in the Little Italy location, the Bankers Hill location will specialize in pinsa, a classic pizza-flatbread hybrid with ancient Roman roots. The dough is fermented for 72 hours and is known for its light, “cloud-like” consistency. Civico by The Park is the first San Diego restaurant to be approved by the official Pinsa Romana community.

Civico by the Park will serve lunch, supper, and weekend brunch on its spacious outdoor patio when it opens. It will keep its afternoon aperitivo, with the possibility of adding a late-night rendition and also live entertainment.

So, whichever eatery you decide to visit, you can rest assured you’ll have an authentic Italian experience!



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