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Blog Post
Design Your Own Green Haven: How Plants Can Make Us Feel Better
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Design Your Own Green Haven: How Plants Can Make Us Feel Better 

It is no news that plants help us in numerous ways. They cleanse the air we breathe, reduce our stress levels, and alleviate our mood. They also decorate our homes and offices, not to mention our gardens, if we’re lucky enough to have one. Plants, if incorporated into our daily routines, are an excellent way to spend some quality time, just by looking after them. Last but not least, they keep us connected to nature, something we all take for granted. 

Maintaining an indoor garden is actually not as complicated as we might think, so if you are a beginner, opt for inexpensive plants that do not require much of your attention. Home plants will bring you joy, for sure, and if you are a feng shui enthusiast, you may believe they can bring happiness and wealth. Where to start?


are an amazing option, as they require little attention and flourish in almost any environment; they are the perfect low-maintenance choice.

Home Plants
Photo by alexphotos on Freepik

Aloe Vera

is great, not only for greening up your space but can also be an excellent helper for various skin conditions, due to its thick green leaves rich with healing gel.

Aloe Vera
Photo by lunamarina on Freepik


are cabbage-like, ruffled, crinkly, or bumpy hybrids that originally grow in mountainous terrains, in high altitudes. They will be happy if they get a well-balanced amount of sunlight and warmth. And so will you . The key is not to overwater them, always check whether or not the soil is moist enough, but try not to overdo it.

Home Plant Ideas
Photo by helendevil777 on Freepik

The Jade plant

is another homegrown succulent that is a low-maintenance alternative. The jade plant is an evergreen with thick branches. It has thick, shiny, smooth leaves that grow in opposing pairs along the branches. Leaves are rich jade green, although some may appear to be more of a yellow-green. Also referred to as the Japanese money tree, it requires little watering.

Jade Plant
Photo by starlight81 on Freepik


Grown in small pots, lavender will hype up your living room with its vivid purple buds. Adding a pop of color to your everyday environment will surely alleviate your mood, if not make you happier. Not only that, it will overjoy you with its scent. Lavender has a delicate, sweet smell that is floral, herbal, and evergreen woodsy at the same time. It has soft, powdery, or smokey notes as well. It is no wonder dried lavender buds and flowers are packed in sachets and sold all over the world because the fragrance of lavender is known to have calming qualities that can help you fall asleep easily. Believe it or not, the lavender sachets are also known for fighting pests, such as moths. Have sachets of dried lavender placed in your drawers, or in your closet, and it will keep these pests away. If you follow the no-chemicals doctrine, try lavender and see for yourself.

Photo by jofreepik on Freepik


A match made in heaven if you prefer a plant that you can actually use daily. Basil is perfect as a decorative pot herb, its fragrance will awaken your senses and inspire you to make a fresh home cooked meal – pasta or pizza, the choice is yours. 

Photo by thomsond on Freepik

Green symbolizes calmness, a connection to nature, motivation, and helps us stay focused. So, go green!

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