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Blog Post
Fine Dining at NINE-TEN Restaurant & Bar

Fine Dining at NINE-TEN Restaurant & Bar 

Finding a fine dining restaurant in San Diego that is worth your money might be a challenge for some people. With NINE-TEN Restaurant & Bar, rest assured that you cannot go wrong. Their award-winning culinary team ensures your experience is one of the best you’ve ever had!

Elegance at Its Best

Restaurant in San Diego

NINE-TEN Restaurant & Bar offers a casually stylish and modern outlook with alfresco seating on the curbside patio. Guests can watch pedestrians stroll by or catch glimpses of the ocean by asking to be seated on the terrace. The pleasant ambiance is complemented by a fresh color palette with accents of emerald green and lighter wood inside the small, high-ceiling dining hall.

The vivid and indigenous ocean and wildlife wall backdrop designed by noted artist Dana Montlack is the restaurant’s primary focus point. The service is vivacious and upbeat while being courteous and modest. The staff is quite knowledgeable about cuisine and preparation techniques, as well as wine recommendations and combinations.

Award-Winning Culinary Experts

Restaurant in San Diego

Their uniquely seasonal and Californian cuisine is led by award-winning Pastry Chef Jose Alonzo III and Chef Jason Knibb and emphasizes a farm-to-table concept that includes the finest of the produce from small artisan farmers, with food picked every day for the restaurant’s exceptional menus.

Whether you put yourself in the trusted hands of the chef by letting them serve you their specialty, or you pick out the grilled fish or the pork belly, every dish is made to perfection. With seasonal vegetables and unique sauces, such as the saffron passionfruit marinade, each dish is enhanced to a higher level. Desserts, including a honey-roasted, apricot cake with pistachio crumbles, bring the cooking to its pinnacle.

Add Sophistication to Your Events

Restaurant in San Diego

Three private dining rooms are available for corporate and social gatherings at NINE-TEN. Diners can expect customized meals coupled with the best wines for each occasion, from social events to business lunches, all clearly influenced by the restaurant’s beautiful coastal location.

Their culinary team also caters for weddings, ensuring that you have a remarkable experience. Paired with the sophisticated craftsmanship, refined creativity, and stellar service provided at The Grande Colonial, you can bring elegance to your event.

Book your table at the NINE-TEN Restaurant & Bar now to reserve your seat and have a memorable dining experience at one of the finest restaurants in San Diego!



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