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Blog Post
Here’s How To Stop Crying While Dicing Onions
Author: annastills from

Here’s How To Stop Crying While Dicing Onions 

1. Using a sharp knife

Onions make us cry because they release enzymes when being cut- so when we use a sharp knife, fewer enzymes are released and, although your nose might sting a bit, you won’t cry as much.

2.  Chill out the onion

Before preparing your food, put the onion in the fridge or a freezer to cool down a bit, and then dice it when it is cold. This will also prevent the enzymes from releasing and will prevent you from crying. 

3. Use a fan

If you fan away the chemicals the onion releases while cutting it, less will go in your eyes and mouth. So, use a small fan or open the window and air out the room. 

4. Wear glasses or goggles

It may look stupid, but it works- and for obvious reasons! Use glasses or even swimming goggles to prevent the chemicals to go in your eyes and be ready to prepare your food tears-free.

5. Cut onions under cold water

Cold helps prevent the onion from releasing too many enzymes, so by cutting it under cold water, it will chill out and the water will also wash away some of the chemicals.

Try out these tips next time you make yourself a delicious lunch, and enjoy your food without having to cry your eyes out first!

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