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Blog Post
Hidden Gems: Arts Galleries in Little Italy

Hidden Gems: Arts Galleries in Little Italy 

Little Italy is known for its amazing dining and shopping scene. It is ‘everything Italian.’ But did you know that the neighborhood holds some hidden gems when it comes to arts as well? Behold art lovers – here are some must-visit art galleries in Little Italy.   

1.     Meyer Fine Art, Inc.

Address: 2400 Kettner Boulevard, Suite 104, San Diego, CA

Meyer Fine Art Gallery has been in operation since 1978. It is a public gallery space in the booming Art and Design district of Little Italy in the historic Studio Arts Building. It opened in June 2006 with a keen eye and knowledge acquired through his life-long love and passion for graphics and works on paper. The gallery just celebrated its 10th anniversary in the Little Italy neighborhood and specializes in limited edition prints and other paper works.

2.     The Gallery

Address: 1970 Columbia St Suite A, San Diego, CA 

The Gallery is more than your typical art gallery. It is a nonprofit community arts center (TESCF) that advocates for art and music. TESCF is dedicated to the enhancement of human potential and sustainable living, with a focus on children, arts, music, and the environment. The Gallery serves as a gathering place for people to get together and share their artistic beliefs and views. Cultural events, fundraisers, seminars, wellness workshops, meditational and spiritual activities are all worth attending.

3.     Pecoff Studios

Pecoff Studios Address: 1825 India St San Diego, CA 92101

Pecoff Studios is an exciting space where you may learn about Grant Pecoff’s magnificent paintings and Layne Pecoff’s lyrical writings. Grant and Layne Pecoff have committed their lives to expressing and sharing their vivid, uplifting, and motivating way of seeing the world. Step into a world where brilliant light and electric colors transform the commonplace into something remarkable. The work invites visitors to enter a setting of passionate depth and radiating intensity!


So, are you ready to discover the hidden art scene in Little Italy? Visit these art gallery to find some of the most unique collections in San Diego.


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