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Blog Post
Hollywoods’ top redheads
source: GettyImages

Hollywoods’ top redheads 

It’s been a while now, but redheads took over Hollywood. Natural redheads or professionally dyed redheads are the new blondes. The tones ranging from strawberry blond to deep burgundy red, redheads are everywhere, and we welcome the trend wholeheartedly. And no, Eric Cartman, gingers do have souls.

Julliane Moore needs no special introduction. Star of The Big Lebowski, Magnolia, Children of Men, Boogie Night, just to mention a few, Moore is probably the most famous natural redhead A-lister. (insert a picture)

Nicole Kidman is also rocking her natural red hair, usually straightened and salon-styled. We’d all love to see her natural curly ginger hair, too. 

Top Redheads Nicole Kidman
Source: Samir Hussein from wireimages

Laura Prepon is very well-known for her role of the witty Donna Pinciotti on ‘That 70s show’, where she captured our minds and hearts as a natural redhead. We’ve seen her changing her hair color from black to blond, but her most iconic style is ginger. 

Top Redheads Laura Prepon
source: Amazon

Natasha Lyonne is yet another natural ginger, and oh the curls! We have known her for decades now, ever since she was a child actress on ‘Pee-Wee’s Playhouse’, way back in the 80s. In recent years, we loved her in Netflix’s ‘Russian Doll’, whose season 2 is highly anticipated, and soon to be released. Cannot wait! 

Top Redheads Natasha Lyonne
Source: Heather Hazzan for Rolling Stone

Cynthia Nixon, famous for portraying Miranda, the redhead in Sex and the City, is actually a natural blond. Season 2, ‘And Just Like That’ brings us (spoiler alert!) gray-haired Miranda, with a twist in the last episode (again, spoiler alert!) 

Top Redheads Cynthia Nixon

Surprise! Surprise but Benedict Cumberbatch is a natural ginger, even though we have known him as a dark haired actor throughout his career. 

Top Redheads Benedict Cumberbatch


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