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Blog Post
Let’s Go Shopping La Jolla Style: Best Places to Shop

Let’s Go Shopping La Jolla Style: Best Places to Shop 

Grab your handbag and put on your best walking shoes because you’re in for a major shopping trip! La Jolla is a hidden gem for shopping enthusiasts, and its prime seaside location will make the experience even more enjoyable for you!

Whether you’re in search of some vintage apparel, new furnishings for your apartment, or even custom-made suits for the special men in your life, you can find it all and so much more while shopping in La Jolla!

Let’s look at the best places to shop so you can make the most of your life in La Jolla.

Girard Avenue and Prospect Street

Your first stop for shopping in La Jolla should definitely be Girard Avenue and Prospect Street. It is located in downtown La Jolla, right by the beach, and offers you the perfect place to shop while a gentle sea breeze flows through your hair.

This avenue is known for its mix of mall stores, high-end establishments, and unique little boutique shops. You can simply take a lovely stroll passing by the picturesque storefronts and beautiful sidewalks, or you can get down to business and max out your credit card. You’ll have a great time either way!

Ivanhoe Avenue

If you prefer shopping local and are looking for small stores run by the people of San Diego, Ivanhoe Avenue is the place to go. Just go back a little on Prospect Street and make a right turn to reach your location. The small row of shops on the first block consists of all locally-owned and operated by the sweetest people who will be glad to serve you.

Westfield UTC

Have you had your fill of small-end stores and are looking for a proper mall experience to finish off your shopping trip? A 15 minutes drive from downtown La Jolla will take you to Westfield UTC, a spot that offers an excellent outdoor shopping/mall experience.

This upscale mall was recently renovated and is more luxurious than ever! You can step into the two-story Nordstorm store, check out Tiffany & Co, or even treat yourself to some new Michael Kors!

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