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Blog Post
LGBTQ Month: San Diego LGBTQ Community
Photo by Freepik, author: inkdrop

LGBTQ Month: San Diego LGBTQ Community 

*Check out the bonus article at the bottom – about best bars and clubs in SD

In San Diego, the month of July is traditionally reserved and well-known as LGBTQ month. As a result, as time passes, the expectation grows. Not only will we celebrate and revel throughout the month, but we will also express ourselves clearly.

More than ever, it appears that we must rally in large numbers, show up, and protest. Every single freedom we believe we possess is in jeopardy. All of our feelings are valid, so be enraged or outraged if you want to.

We must shout from the rooftops in the face of news that seeks to limit and control our lives and bodies. The Supreme Court’s draft opinion on abortion is a heinous violation of fundamental human rights. Abortion is considered healthcare, a right, and is still legal. LGBTQ justice is reproductive justice. This is enough to incite our rage and action.Nobody will defend us or our rights if we do not defend ourselves. We are aware of this fact throughout history; we have been there many times before, not only as the LGBTQ community, but also as women, minorities, and so on… This is a team effort. As we strive for a diverse, inclusive, and free democracy, we must unite our movements in calling for action.

We will not only advocate for a rally, but we will also constantly remind each of us of the importance of voting. Primary elections are scheduled for June 2022, and general elections are scheduled for November 2022, so get involved, stay informed, and be proactive; there’s a lot at stake with midterm elections this year.

LGBT Month, The Urban Menu
Photo by Freepik, author: gpointstudio

Events & Activities

Additionally, delve into the activities throughout the LGBTQ month and prior to it:

Bans Off Our Boddies Rally – show up to fight for abortion access, She Fest – a woman-centered event that recognizes and supports women’s talents and contributions while also boosting deeper relationships within the LGBT and larger San Diego communities, Light Up the Cathedral – LGBTQ Faith Leaders and Faithful – join Dean Penny Bridges and other Faith Leaders in-person as we celebrate our faith and resilience. Following the service, the Cathedral will be illuminated in rainbow colors, Pride 5KIn our annual Pride 5K, run the parade route right before the parade begins! Rainbow outfits, tutus, and streamers are encouraged.

The Parade 

San Diego’s Pride Parade is the region’s largest single-day civic event and one of the largest in the United States, attracting over 300,000 cheering LGBTQ supporters (Saturday, July 16, 2022 @ 10 AM)

The Festival

San Diego’s biggest summer party, the Festival, is calling your name! Balboa Park will be filled with community resources, booths, and four stages of live entertainment to celebrate diversity and inclusion. (Saturday, July 16, 2022 @ 11 AM – 10 PM |

Sunday, July 17, 2022 @ 11 AM – 9 PM)

Bonus: Check Out the best LGBTQ Bars and Clubs in Hillcrest , San Diego

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