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Little Italy Food Hall: A Foodie’s Paradise

Little Italy Food Hall: A Foodie’s Paradise 

Little Italy Food Hall is a major food attraction in San Diego, featuring different food stations and a full bar to give you a taste of San Diego’s eclectic culinary scene. It has a rich cultural legacy, formed by immigrant families that used hard work and social interaction to build a strong community. Read on to learn more.

Little Italy Food Hall Stations

The Little Italy Food Hall is an amalgamation of seven diverse food ideas. These “stations” have everything from quick snacks to full meals to keep you satisfied. No matter what you’re craving, when you visit the Little Italy Food Hall, you’ll find it at one of the stations.


It is the vision of the Milanese community that wanted to bring true Italian culture and cuisine to San Diego. With a focus on high-quality ingredients and a deep love for Milan, Ambrogio15 serves authentic Milan dishes that you will love.

Bobboi Natural Gelato 

This station preserves the flavor of Florida while remaining true to Italy’s time-honored gelato techniques. Bobboi believes that organic is best and flavor comes first. They also emphasize innovation and freshness. So, some flavors are only accessible during particular seasons.

Mein St. Asian Kitchen 

This new concept provides a variety of Asian cuisine comfort meals including, dumplings, wings, and cool Honey Boba Milk Tea, among the highlights!

Not Not Tacos 

Not Not Tacos is a concept created by Zien to break down preconceived concepts of “tacos” and give fiercely original and unexpected options. These tacos are huge, bold, and flavorful, and they’re created with ingredients you wouldn’t expect to find in a taco.

Graze by Sam 

Graze is an eatery, bar, and bottle shop located in an extension of the Little Italy Food Hall. It specializes in crave-worthy nibbles and shareable. Graze includes a bottle shop where guests can buy wine, beer, and spirits to take home, in addition to a full bar.

Wicked Maine Lobster 

Want the most authentic lobster shack experience? Visit this station ASAP. The station shares the history and conveys the authenticity of Maine heritage.


With dishes like the Blazing Saddles Burger, a variety of sides, and a kid’s menu for those 12 and under, the Samburgers menu is designed to appeal to a wide audience. Samburgers is available for pick-up or consumption at the Little Italy Food Hall or Piazza Della Famiglia.

Little Italy Food Hall Is a Must-Visit Venue

It’s a popular hangout spot in the area – the ideal spot to chat, dine, and drink while enjoying San Diego skies. The Food Hall’s purpose is to honor the blend of cultures and provide a communal space for meeting and celebrating. Make sure you visit it to immerse yourself in San Diego’s food scene.

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