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Blog Post
Michelin Star Restaurants in San Diego

Michelin Star Restaurants in San Diego 

Four San Diego County restaurants were recently honored with a Michelin star for their excellence in exquisite dining. The sole repeat restaurant on this year’s list, Addison at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar, received its second Michelin star. However, it is no longer San Diego County’s only Michelin-starred restaurant. Read on to learn more about these Michelin-star restaurants where exceptional food and service are always guaranteed.

San Diego’s Four Michelin Star Restaurants

As a worldwide culinary destination, San Diego continues to impress Michelin inspectors with a commitment to sustainable gastronomy and imaginative cuisine. The inspectors recognized promotions for restaurants that improved their quality and consistency despite the obstacles of the health crisis.

Michelin has named five San Diego County restaurants Bib Gourmand for their high-quality, low-cost fare. Here’s a peek at each Michelin Star restaurant in San Diego.

1. Jeune et Jolie

Address: Carlsbad, 2659 State St., Suite 102

Executive Chef Eric and his commendable team are the driving forces behind this enticing and well-executed French restaurant that exudes grace and elegance. With strong ingredients, creative combinations, and gorgeous presentations, this cookery shows a mature direction.

2. Soichi

Address: 2121 Adams Ave. San Diego

This tiny Japanese restaurant has swiftly created a great brand for itself in the University Heights area, named after his favorite chef and teacher, Soichi Kadoya. Sushi is simple, yet it’s spectacular and shows a lot of talent. So, if you are craving some exceptional sushi, this is the place to visit. However, don’t forget to reserve a table. You don’t want to spend hours in the waiting area!

3. Sushi Tadokoro

Address: 2244 San Diego Ave, San Diego

Tadokoro, who is the owner as well as the chef, and his team take great joy in giving diners a nice eating experience. The sauces are produced from scratch, and the fish of the day is kept in a wood box, awaiting extremely special treatment. This is also a great spot for satisfying your sushi craving!

4. San Diego’s Addison

Address: 5200 Grand Del Mar Way

Get ready to be blown away by Chef William Bradley’s outstanding skills at this renowned, standard-setting restaurant. His talents are more visible than ever on every single plate that leaves the kitchen. The chef’s hallmarks remain on Addison’s menu, which is continually developing.

More Exciting News!

The freshly awarded Michelin stars come only a week after the travel and dining guide honored five-county venues in its “Bib Gourmand” category for their “high quality, good value eateries.” These restaurants are known for their high quality while serving a two-course meal with a bottle of wine or dessert for roughly $40 or less.

So, which of these Michelin Star restaurants in San Diego are you going to try first?

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