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Blog Post
Our City: Carlsbad Music Festival

Our City: Carlsbad Music Festival 

A nonprofit group called the Carlsbad Music Festival delivers “adventurous music by the beach.” Its annual festival by the same name, which involves local and international musicians, is the organization’s signature occasion. Under the banner of “adventurous music,” CMF presents music from a variety of genres, including new classical, indie rock, jazz, Latin, experimental, folk, music from many countries, and the unclassifiable. CMF is dedicated to showcasing and assisting up-and-coming artists, seasoned veterans, and undiscovered innovators.

The grass-roots, artist-led Carlsbad Music Festival aspires to be a cherished neighborhood event as well as a premier destination music festival. CMF is dedicated to fostering the ability of music to unite people, express the whole range of human emotion, provide insights into different cultures, enable glimpses into unimaginable worlds, and move our bodies and emotions. Matt McBane, a musician and composer from Carlsbad, launched the Carlsbad Music Festival in 2003.

Full program for CMF 2022 is yet to be announced.

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