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Pacific Beach: The Hub of Never-Ending Pacific Beach Parties

Pacific Beach: The Hub of Never-Ending Pacific Beach Parties 

P.B. Beach (as the locals refer to it) is one of the beaches in San Diego, and it’s a popular hangout for college students and young adults. They come for the party atmosphere and the variety of restaurants and bars in the area, many of which are just steps away from the sand.

It is also alive at night, thanks to the brightness of bonfires and the energy generated by the neighborhood’s countless bars and nightclubs. So, if you are looking for the perfect place to hang out with friends and party all night at the beach, it’s time you head out to Pacific Beach.

What to Do & Where to Go?

Tourmaline Surfing Park, located at the point where the craggy headlands of La Jolla abruptly terminate, is a surfing-only beach that is particularly popular with beginners. Beginners, longboarders, windsurfers, and kiteboarders prefer this beach above the other options in the region because of the slow, “slopey” waves here. It is a great place to have the perfect beach day. The parking lot has a moderate capacity and is equipped with bathrooms as well as a small picnic space.

On the other hand, with lifeguard-supervised swimming areas and facilities at the ends of Law and Diamond Streets, North Pacific Beach is a more tranquil stretch of beach that families tend to favor. If you are looking for a laidback time, this is the place to be.

Pacific Beach, from the Crystal Pier to Pacific Beach Drive, has restrooms and a few spots of dedicated parking on Grand Avenue and Pacific Beach Drive, among other amenities. The coast is lined with everything from bicycle rentals to biker clubs, and the same can be found farther inland along Garnet Avenue, which runs for several streets in both directions.

Certainly, there is no shortage of locations to have a beer or a drink in Pacific Beach. Finding a beachside rooftop bar might significantly reduce the number of options. That’s when you should go where the locals go, which is P.B. Shore Club. It boasts the best ocean views, two full bars, and pleasant service. The restaurant’s famous fish tacos and tri-tip sandwiches are all excellent choices for lunch or dinner.

You might also want to check out Waterbar, which is a little more upscale. Although it is not an open-air rooftop, it is located on the boardwalk and has large open windows most of the time.

Find Your Way to the Never-Ending Beach Party in San Diego

Pacific Beach parties and the central business district are not for everyone. The crowd consists of young people who are sunbathing, playing beach sports, and going to bars in the area between Crystal Pier and the point where the vacation homes begin in Mission Beach.

Weekends, summer, and other holidays have a distinct spring-break feel to them at the beach. But keep in mind that weekdays, outside of summer and cooler weather, can be subdued and laidback as compared to the weekends. Regardless, the beach is never deserted. On any given day, you will come across a variety of people, frequently taking long walks or jogging along the boardwalk.

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