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San Diego Hispanic Cultural Experiences
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San Diego Hispanic Cultural Experiences 

San Diego’s proximity to Mexico and its lengthy Hispanic past contribute to the city’s rich cultural identity. Hispanic and Latin influences may be evident in the region’s architecture and creative landscape and are proudly honored throughout its neighborhoods all year.

Visitors to San Diego can immerse themselves in the rich Hispanic history and culture. Here are some of the best places and events to experience the Hispanic culture in San Diego, particularly in Old Town.

1. Old Town San Diego State Historic Park

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park,CA

It is located in the heart of the city. Visitors to Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, San Diego’s earliest “downtown,” may see the living history of California’s first permanent settlement, which dates back to the 1850s. It was from 1821 to 1872 that Old Town represented San Diego’s Hispanic history, when Mexico gained independence from Spain and acquired control of the territory.

The six-block park contains 12 acres of Mexican lore and historical places, which are presented in stores, a theatre, cafés, museums, and various structures that have been painstakingly conserved or renovated over the years. On any given day in Old Town, live mariachi performers can be seen performing, in addition to seasonal and special event performances throughout the year.

2. San Diego’s Version of Da de Muertos

When the Mexican festival of Da de Muertos (Day of the Dead) arrives in San Diego each fall, the city comes alive with a diverse array of activities to commemorate and celebrate those who have passed away. The Old Town San Diego State Historic Park serves as the focal point for these celebrations, which include a candlelight parade, special restaurant menus, face painting, and other activities from November 1-3.  

The Los Muertos 5k San Diego also takes place downtown on Nov. 7. You can also be a part of San Diego Symphony’s Rady Shell in Jacobs Park, which is a visual and musical spectacle featuring Mariachi Garibaldi de Jaime Cuéllar, and more!

3. Experience the Taste of Mexico Cuisine

San Diego is situated in the midst of two extremely powerful culinary influences: California cuisine, which is known for its devotion to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and Mexico’s Baja-Med style, which began in Tijuana, Mexico. San Diego’s culinary landscape merges these two influences into a delectable Cali-Baja scene, thanks to the visionary chefs who have developed a dining experience that resonates with the locals and tourists alike.

So, when you are in the Old Town neighborhood, don’t forget to try some of the best Mexican restaurants. Our top three favorites include Café CoyoteCasa Guadalajara, and Rockin Baja Lobster.   


These are some of the best places and events to experience Hispanic culture in Old Town. Make sure you try them all at least once to experience the Hispanic culture and history like never before.

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