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Blog Post
Songs About San Diego

Songs About San Diego 

It is unarguably well deserved that California, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are given so much attention in popular culture. And what about America’s Finest City, aka San Diego?

Numerous artists have been inspired by the city, mainly focusing on surfing, of course, but the city itself is quite picturesque. 

Let’s dive deeper:

“Surfin’ USA” by The Beach Boys

Songs About San Diego

The song makes numerous references to San Diego’s fantastic surfing spots, including Del Mar and the Trestles, to name a couple.

“They Go To San Diego” by Mel Torme and the Mel-Tones

Songs About San Diego

The question posed: When San Diego is an option, why would you go anywhere else?

“Balboa Park” by Bruce Springsteen

Songs About San Diego

Balboa Park in San Diego was once a popular hangout for Latin American immigrants without a place to sleep. This song is about one unfortunate guy and his friends.

“San Diego” by Blink 182

Songs About San Diego

This song evokes memories of the city and good times spent with friends.

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