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Blog Post
Surf’s Up: Top Surfing Places in Cali

Surf’s Up: Top Surfing Places in Cali 

California is a dream for all surfers, wherever you go- you will find a perfect surf spot. Here are some of the best surfing places in Cali!

Steamer Lane

The iconic Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz is the perfect place to ride the Pacific and have the opportunity to see wildlife like sea otters and seals. Steamer Lane, which is divided into four zones, also has two surf shops to upgrade your gear.

Mavericks in Half Moon Bay

This bay is perfect for everyone who loves to surf the bigger waves.  This bay in Northern California is perfect for anyone who wants to test their limits, as the waves go from 25 feet to as big as 60 feet tall. 

Newport Beach

Newport Beach, located in Orange County, is perfect for surfing. The perfect conditions of this beach are created by the south-southwest swell and a northeast shore wind, making the perfect surfing waves. 

Windansea Beach

Located in San Diego County, this beach is the perfect summer surf. The waves range from 5-15 feet and have a distinct peak. Perfect for skilled surfers, although not recommended for beginners. 


Another beach located in San Diego County offers a choice of left and right-hand waves depending on which side of the pier you are located. The changing sandy bottom is what makes this place perfect for all surfers! 

Swami’s Beach

Another beach located in San Diego County is an internationally known place for surfers. This beach welcomes surfers of all skill levels, so be sure to get the most out of the high-performance waves this beach has to offer!

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