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Blog Post
Take a look at this Indonesian Tribe with the ice-cold blue eyes
Source: www.instagram.com/geo.rock888/Imate

Take a look at this Indonesian Tribe with the ice-cold blue eyes 

People from Southeast Asia typically have black hair, tan or olive skin, and blackish-brown eyes.  However, there is a page on Instagram with photos from Karchnoi Pasaribu (I deeply recommend checking out the page as there are some marvelous photos in there) of Butonese people. Even though they live in Sulawesi with many other ethnic groups there is a distinctive difference that appears in a portion of the population  – their radiant, astonishing blue eyes. It is Almost as if they captured a part of the sea and kept it in their eyes. What happened?

When the foreigners recognized this unique phenomenon, which was very atypical for the region, the first assumption was that their ancestors married the Portuguese who settled in Indonesian territory and that it was then passed from generation to generation by the Butonese. This doesn’t seem likely, because in Portugal nowadays just 6-9 percent of the population has dark blue eyes. Though this idea is not completely untrue because a number of Butonese noble families are descendants from native Indonesians that came in contact with the Portuguese. However, this is not the sole premise behind their stunning eyes.

According to a study, the Butonese blue eyes are on account of Waardenburg syndrome. It is stated, this syndrome occurs in 1 of every 42,000 people in the world. Waardenburg syndrome is a group of genetic conditions that can change the coloring (pigmentation) of the hair, skin, and eyes. People with this condition often have very pale blue eyes or different colored eyes, such as one blue eye and one brown. Sometimes one eye has segments of two different colors. While numerous people in the western world use blue contact lenses to improve their physical appearance, the Butonese are born with sapphires. And it is so refreshing to see that photographers acknowledge them so the world can appreciate their beauty.

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