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Blog Post
The 5 Stop Motion Animation Videos We Adore Even Today
Screenshot from YouTube: channel: Radiohead, title: Radiohead - Burn The Witch

The 5 Stop Motion Animation Videos We Adore Even Today 

We are huge fans of stop-motion music videos. Many directors use them as a creative yard. Making these short films makes it possible for experimental work, which results in some stunning visuals and imaginative filmmaking. Stop-motion animation is not new, of course. It has a nearly as long history as film itself. The Humpty Dumpty Circus, a short film made in 1898 using dolls with jointed limbs to simulate the movements of circus acrobats, was the first stop motion film produced. Unfortunately, this is a lost film, and no verified stills or film segments have been recovered. One of the oldest and best preserved stop motion movies is 1902’s Fun in a Bakery Shop, which uses a “lightning sketch” version of claymation to animate a dough face.

This old technique was used well throughout the 20th century, and it is no surprise it made its way into pop culture, as well. 

Why do we enjoy watching these movies so much? Well, it’s simple. Unlike some other types of animation, where perfection is essential, one of the joys of watching a stop-motion movie is picturing the difficult process that went into creating each second. It is palpable, and we appreciate it a lot.

Stop-motion animation processes have been used in so many exciting ways in music videos that we believed it would be interesting  to share a few of our favorites.

1. Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer (1986)

This video is probably the most iconic use of stop-frame animation in a music video. Sledgehammer was a smash hit in the 1980s, and we believe the video had something to do with it because it’s just so good! The most common technique is pixilation. This is the process of animating a person in the manner of a traditional stop-motion puppet. The technique is even more impressive when you consider that Peter Gabriel perfectly lip syncs to the entire film despite the fact that it is done frame by frame. A fantastic video that is still one of the best available today.

2. The White Stripes – Fell in Love with a Girl (2002)

It was directed by Michel Gondry, and the whole thing was made by using LEGO blocks. To complement the upbeat and energetic song, the video is fast-paced and colorful. When it first premiered, this music video was responsible for the band’s success. Jack White, the lead singer even attempted to negotiate a deal with LEGO to advertise their figures in a music video using stop motion animation. The company turned down his offer, but after learning that it was a huge success, they wanted to reconsider, but Jack, of course, said: Hell, no!

3. Radiohead – Burn the Witch (2016)

“Burn the Witch,” launched in May 2016, is the lead single from Radiohead’s album A Moon Shaped Pool. The band has a long explanation about how the song came to be, but the video is based on the 1966 stop motion animated television series “Camberwick Green” and the 1973 British horror film “The Wicker Man.” It was nominated for Best Rock Song at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.

4. Fleet Foxes – Mykonos (2009)

The video follows a pair of triangular feet as they crisscross a two-dimensional virtual world built entirely of paper. When you watch it, Mykonos almost feels like a storybook.  It was released in 2009 as part of their album Sun Giant

5. Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance (2010)

Everything in this animation takes place on a bed. Shot in various poses on a bed, it tells a story in which the bed acts as the central canvas for the plot of two people. As a result of stop motion, the major protagonists appear to be strolling, floating, and performing various acts whereas in actuality they are simply lying on bed in various positions. This video was nominated for a Grammy for “Best Short Form Music Video.”

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