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Blog Post
The Mission – East Village’s Urban Bistro

The Mission – East Village’s Urban Bistro 

Dining out at a good restaurant in San Diego can be overwhelming simply due to the abundance of choices you have! Any food-lover has a list of places they must try, and we suggest that The Mission – East Village be on that list!

How It Began

Restaurant in San Diego

The restaurants The Mission / North Park, The Mission / Mission Beach, and The Mission / SoMa are owned by San Diego restaurateurs Deborah Helm, Fay Nakanishi, and Thomas Fitzpatrick.

The crew has extensive expertise in all facets of the restaurant industry, having received several accolades and medals for culinary and hospitality expertise. In 1997, the group came together in Mission Beach’s first Mission Café and Coffeehouse, bringing their diverse restaurant backgrounds to the table.

While Thomas Fitzpatrick and Deborah Helm concentrated on dealing with customers, Chef Fay Nakanishi fine-tuned the menu and produced extra distinctive dishes that highlight the present menu. By focusing on high-quality cuisine and service, The Mission grew from a little coffee shop to a full-fledged restaurant in San Diego.

The Mission is very passionate about giving back to the community, whether it be in the form of charity, global awareness, sustainability, or supporting local artists. The Mission enjoys supporting San Diego’s burgeoning art community by showcasing local artists’ work and enabling all revenues to go straight to the artist.

Simple, Tasty, And Healthy Food with An Imaginative Twist

This colorful urban restaurant encourages living in an increasingly health-conscious environment by concentrating on the use of basic and fresh products.

All meals are presented in a unique way, resulting in artistic gastronomic presentations that are sure to impress. Visitors dine in a lively, engaging environment with wide, bright, and spacious views and interesting local artwork. Any hunger will be satisfied by the menu, which offers everything from basic pancakes and quesadillas to innovative Chino-Latino food.

Wherever feasible, the Mission strives to provide goods that are obtained locally and are environmentally friendly. All of the food is made with fresh, natural ingredients and is free of artificial trans fats. No artificial flavors, chemicals, preservatives, or hormones are used in the preparation of their chicken.

What’s On the Menu?

Restaurant in San Diego

The Mission features a lunch menu and breakfast menu. For lunch, you can enjoy a quesadilla, nachos, a burrito, sandwiches, a salad, or tamales. In breakfast, you have a choice of eggs, breakfast quesadillas, potatoes, chorizo, burrito, pancakes, French toast, granola, steak hash and eggs, fruit bowls, and more.

If you’re thinking about dining out at The Mission in East Village, feel free to give them a call!



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