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Blog Post
Tips for Solo Travelers
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Tips for Solo Travelers 

First things first, preparing your travel itinerary ahead of time can help to reduce risks. Traveling alone can be a source of discomfort and insecurity for women especially, making it a real challenge!

Traveling alone, on the other hand, is not associated with loneliness, au contraire. It gives you the opportunity to follow your aspirations, learn more about yourself, and enhance your autonomy and self-confidence.


1. Never mention you are (here) alone

This may seem absurd, but feeling safe is the most important factor to consider when traveling alone. Never tell strangers that you are traveling alone, and never give out your address.


2. Wear a wedding ring

Yes we know, it is 2022 but don’t laugh off this old-fashioned method, as it still works like a charm. It is a crazy, crazy world out there, yes we know. 


3. Pack light but well-equipped

Choose a suitcase or small backpack that will allow you to move more freely. Take only what you need, and you will avoid weighing yourself down with unnecessary stuff. Before you take on a large and heavy bag, assess whether it is truly useful.


4. Meet other female travelers

Meeting other solo travelers is a great way to take your trip onto a higher level. Sharing info, resources and experiences is a lovely way to connect and bond with fellow-travelers. There are numerous platforms available to connect globetrotters all over the world, such as WomenWelcomeWomen (

5. Do your best blending in

The worst mistake to make when traveling alone is to appear to be a tourist. So, go low-key, blend in with the crowd to truly enjoy your trip!

6. Stay connected 

As soon as you arrive at your desired destination, get a local SIM card and keep an external battery on hand. When traveling alone, it is critical to keep your loved ones posted. Also, don’t forget to inform at least one of your relatives or friends about your vacation plans.  


Pursue your traveling dreams, plan big and have a blast!

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