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Top 10 Countries for a Romantic Getaway

Top 10 Countries for a Romantic Getaway 

While romance is defined as a sensation of excitement and intrigue linked with love, being romantic can have various meanings. Whatever romance means to you, it’s a sentiment that many of us seek out when we are in a relationship, and it is one that ought not to end just because you have exchanged vows. Travel is a beautiful concept in and of itself, and visiting exotic and faraway countries with the love of your life is among the most romantic things a couple could do together. Here are some of the best countries for a romantic getaway.

1.  Greece

Most romantic countries

While the entire country is a wonder to behold thanks to its rich heritage and historical significance, when you think of a romantic getaway, the first city that comes to mind is Santorini. The area offers the best vantage point of azure waters and skies that are simply breathtaking. Athens and Delphi, with their fabled ruins, are also must-see destinations. For more adventure, you can visit some of the lesser-known islets, like Cythera and Kastelorizo, to escape the masses. You can savor exquisite Mediterranean cuisine whilst watching the sunset over the Aegean Sea.

2.  France

Most romantic countries

The romantic ambiance of Paris is difficult to overlook, whether you’re meandering beside the Seine, gaping at the Eiffel Tower at nightfall, or sharing a romantic candlelight meal at a delightful café. In Paris, you can spend your days exploring with your partner and your nights indulging in delectable food and wine.

If Paris is too clichéd for you, head to Nice, a beautiful beach town on the French Riviera. Take a sunset stroll along the seaside Promenade des Anglais, taking in the Mediterranean’s bright blue scenery. That being said, the French countryside is just as unique and romantic. The countless stunning locations make France one of the best countries for a romantic getaway.

3.  The Maldives

Most romantic countries

When one thinks of the Maldives, the first image that immediately springs to mind is of the huts stretched over the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, which promise luxury and an unforgettable time spent admiring the tropical climate. You can dive deep with your beloved and see the bright coral reefs or ride over them, and appreciate the sapphire waters of the Maldives in full privacy, as it is seldom overcrowded.

4.  Hawaii, USA

Most romantic countries

Hawaii is a dream island resort with exquisite white sands, green valleys, and historic communities to explore. You can either spend your days sunbathing together or head to Maui and hike to Haleakala National Park to see the park’s volcanic crater from 360 degrees. Winter is humpback whale season, which can be an exciting experience for animal lovers. Honolulu is a coveted honeymoon destination, thanks to its beautiful sunsets, pristine beaches, tropical waters, and countless resorts and activities for couples.

5.  Spain

Most romantic countries

Spain offers it all: world-famous beaches, luscious meadows, verdant valleys, highlands, and snow-capped mountains. As the birthplace of flamenco dancing, samba dancing, and endless Sangrias, it is one of the most romantic countries in the world to visit with your beloved. The Spanish have a reputation for being passionate partners. The locals are vibrant, engaging, and fascinating, and they understand the true essence of romance.

6.  Brazil

Most romantic countries

Brazil is easy to fall in love with because of its bustling city streets and plentiful beaches. The country emanates the quintessential festive spirit, and its people are no exception. Brazilians are attractive to foreigners because of their romantic charm. They hold the most magnificent and colorful carnival imaginable. The Brazilians’ delight can also be evident in their samba dancing. Whether you choose to visit its intimate villages such as Monte Verde, walk down the Gramado, or stay at Campos do Jordao, Brazil has something for every kind of couple.

7.  Mauritius

Most romantic countries

Mauritius, one of the most romantic countries in the world, is nestled among the Mascarene Islands. With its gorgeous beaches that stretch into an unending expanse of peaceful blue water, Mauritius is sometimes compared to heaven on earth. It is a piece of paradise whose name conjures up thoughts of turquoise seas and white sand beaches.

Hotels and resorts, pristine beaches, warm weather, and the opportunity for you and your spouse to reignite your love while letting go of life’s stresses make it ideal for a romantic getaway.  Mauritius is a terrific spot for a relaxed, tropical honeymoon that will be unparalleled. It’s culturally varied and has numerous entertaining things to do, such as going on a private cruise or parasailing.

8.  Bali, Indonesia

Most romantic countries

Bali, another tropical paradise, is one of the best countries for a romantic getaway. While riding through the villages on routes backed by vegetation, you can learn about Bali’s lovely surroundings. Bali is the perfect honeymoon location for couples who want to relax on the beach while still experiencing spirituality, culture, and excitement.

Participating in cooking classes, trekking up the mountain to see the sunrise, and witnessing the Balinese Kecak and Fire Dance at the Uluwatu Temple are some of the other fun activities you can do.

9.  Italy

Most romantic countries

Italy is a romantic’s paradise. Since the term “romance” initially meant “from or about Rome,” anything and everything Italian is automatically romantic. Italians have the support of their gorgeous nature, wonderful wine and food, rich heritage, and lyrical language in their charm. At some point throughout their relationship, any couple must experience a gondola ride on one of Venice’s many canals and then enjoy the majority of their trip studying the city’s amazing features and hidden tunnels.

10.  Argentina

Most romantic countries


Argentina, the birthplace of the Tango, is a country brimming with sensuality and romance, practically begging guests to party all night. You can wander around restaurants, parks, and stores in one of the most romantic countries while enjoying ballet or opera.
Ushuaia is the world’s southernmost city. It is the ideal vacation spot for couples that enjoy being outside and exploring. Ushuaia provides a variety of family-friendly activities as well as breathtaking scenery.

Whenever you plan a getaway to one of these most romantic countries, make sure you’re fully vaccinated and be sure to check their travel and tourism policies given the COVID-19 situation in that area. Even if the area is not a high-risk country, be sure to maintain social distancing protocols and practices.

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