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Blog Post
What to Watch This Weekend #16

What to Watch This Weekend #16 

The Hidden Lives of Pets

TV Series
Genre: Documentary
Rating: 7.3 IMDb
Streaming on: Netflix

Hugh Bonneville narrates the four-part docuseries The Hidden Life Of Pets, which reveals some astonishing, almost human qualities displayed by some pets and other animals. In the opening episode, Bonneville tells the tales of a variety of animals, some of whom exhibit emotional and mental capacity in ways that humans are only now beginning to comprehend. Other episodes explore our pets’ communication, use of their heightened senses, and physical prowess.

The Hidden Lives Of Pets stands out from other series of its kind in part because it doesn’t focus solely on attractive animals and interesting things that pets and animals are doing. The show demonstrates how the creatures with fur, feathers, and scales that we consider to be such significant parts of our lives have much more to offer than just comfort.

This delightful TV show called The Hidden Lives Of Pets might encourage you to learn more about what your animal companions are capable of. Anyone can watch this series, so stream it with whomever you like, whether it’s alone, with kids, parents, or grandparents. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy it.

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