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Blog Post

Blog Post
What to watch this weekend #4

What to watch this weekend #4 

In Bruge

Genre: Crime, Comedy
Rating: 7.9 IMDB
Streaming on: Amazon, Netflix 

In Bruge

I am excited for this one; it is one of my favorite movies and I feel some pressure. Honestly, this is my go-to movie and I sometimes even recommend it to people just to see if we can click or not. I would re-watch it over and over with people just to see the reaction and I don’t even remember when this obsession started – but well, enough about me, let’s talk about the movie.

London-based hit men Ray and Ken are told by their boss Harry Waters to lay low in Bruges, Belgium for up to two weeks following their latest hit, which resulted in the death of an innocent bystander. The two will have to stay in touch for further instructions. While they wait for Harry’s call, Ken, following Harry’s advice, takes in the sights of the medieval city with great appreciation. But the charms of Bruges are lost on the simpler Ray, who is already despondent over the innocent’s death, especially as it was his first job. 

Things change for Ray when he meets Chloe, part of a film crew shooting a movie starring an American named Jimmy. When Harry’s instructions arrive, Ken, for whom the job is directed, isn’t sure if he can carry out the new job, especially as he has gained a new appreciation of life from his stay in the fairytale Bruges. I am going to stop here so a spoiler doesn’t sneak in.

It is very foul-mouthed, with an extreme profanity laden script. It is very uncompromisingly violent and its political incorrectness makes you perfectly understand the characters, which are deeply morally complex. 

This is the best performance ever of Colin Farrell, who I generally like for his quirkiness. He charmingly displays this humorously confused, edgy young man who is carrying such a great burden. Brendan Gleeson as Ken brings a beautiful, genuine, human note to the movie. And the moment Harry Waters (Ralph Finnes) appears, he is exactly what you wanted and expected him to be. In the original script, Ray and Ken are British, but when Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson came on board, the characters were changed to Irish, as to suit their natural sensibilities. Makes sense.

Photography is both gritty and beautiful, with a clear sense of style and atmosphere. Bruges does not just look wonderful, it is also treated like a character on its own quite rightly. The story absorbs and entertains, the central relationship being beautifully written and the despair and redemptions themes being surprisingly poignant. Yeah, and I went to Bruges, just to see if it is a „****hole” or not – you will understand the reference when you see the movie. And it is stunning, so yeah, that is a travel recommendation, too.

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