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Blog Post
Where to Find the Best Asian Menus In North Park

Where to Find the Best Asian Menus In North Park 

The Asian restaurants in North Park go beyond the typical Americanized form of Chinese and Japanese most people are used to. Instead, they offer authentic and original Asian food that is bursting with flavor and texture that forever leaves you wanting more.

If you’re looking for a great Asian menu in North Park for your next meal, you’re at the right place. Here are our top picks for Asian restaurants in this San Diego neighborhood. Grab your chopsticks and prepare to indulge!

Riki Sushi

Asian foodNo Asian menu can be complete without sushi! But, getting sushi doesn’t have to be a fancy affair, and that’s exactly what Riki Sushi has ensured in its contemporary yet casual feel.

This Japanese eatery truly lives up to its name by offering the most delicious and high-quality sushi rolls at rather modest prices. It is making sushi available and affordable for all, and you’re sure to become a fan after your first bite!
VISIT: rikisushisd.com

Soi 30th

Asian foodLooking for a snug, contemporary space for a quick lunch or dinner with friends? Soi 30th is a wonderful place offering delicious food in North Park.

Their Asian menu offers a large variety of vegan, vegetarian, and seafood dishes. Whether you prefer a light meal of vegan egg rolls and a refreshing papaya salad, or you want to go all out with garlic calamari and a bowl full of pad thai, Soi 30th offers it all and much more!
VISIT: soi30th.com

The Nood Bar

https://nooodbar.com/Ramen has recently become the favorite food of the Internet, with everyone trying out unique ingredients and different flavors to add their own twist to this Asian classic. If you’ve wanted to try out a delicious ramen bowl but don’t really want to make it yourself, The Nood Bar is the perfect place to go!

Located on 30th St, San Diego, The Nood Bar offers the perfect Pan-Asian food with bold flavors and rich aromas. You can find all Asian specialties here, from ramen bowls to egg noodles, curries, and soup.
VISIT: nooodbar.com


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